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Crazier: About


Sot-sot since 1985



This requires update, for now refer to razier.


Crazier, as secretly hidden in the name is raz hoe personal website where he fills with stuff that matters to him. The site is powered by textpattern.

For those uninitiated one’s, “sot-sot” typically means gone mad or mad, it is a slang used mostly in malaysia.


This design which has been uninterestingly code named raziergrey was actually an arty play on photoshop where the basic idea is that I am bored and I want to break stuff breaking the rules, this is why the navigation menus are crammed together, the size of headings is imbalanced, the alignment of text is not organized and etc, etc.

Quick re-designed November 2006 to cut off sections that is not used and stuff that don’t matter much.

Published under CC Attribution 2.5 License .