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Sep 6, 07:34 PM

Hey there again and sorry for not updating this journal, life as most of you are living in had been hectic for me. Comparing to the state of me during my previous post where I am still a jobless fool, I got a job now!

It was a long process from sending in my resume and going to the office for the first time as an employee. Heck I had been working there for a month now, and yet I still feel newish there.

The job however is very unrelated to what I used to do, and that is actually one the reason I am there. I still do love what I used to do, it’s just that I wanted to experience something different in this life of mine.

Oh yeah one of the best part of the job is, I am surrounded by beautiful girls there!

p.s. I will try to update this journal more… really… ok hopefully :P

  1. Haha you cheeky fella! Good lah … hope you find a beautiful chick and show it off to that you know who … waaaahhahaha =P

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