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Crazier: Back up! with shaved armpits.


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Back up! with shaved armpits.

Sep 15, 12:21 AM

The first day was kinda insane, my father drop me at the airport and then I was on my own. For a first time taking a flight I am kinda good, well at least good enough to know that I need to check in.

My seat was numbered 11A, and the fun part about that is that its exactly beside the window which brings me to my idiotic face-stuck-on-window routine to watch all those beautiful clouds in the sky… above them for the first time!

It actually looks like I am on the north/south pole actually, clouds are looks like floating ice blocks while some of the cloud reflects the sunlight giving an illusion of water. Cool stuff really.

Once reached, I hop onto a cab and he send me to my hotel… beg the hotel to let me check in early and then hop back to another cab which sends me to the old training place plaza and thus made me take another cab to the new relocated training place which I definitely ended up late. Are you still here? That was kinda hard to consume in whole I know, so forgive me.

Got back to the hotel after the training, watched TV till midnight slept and repeat the whole process on the second day. Except that I shave my armpits for the first time instead of trimming them on the second day… why am I even typing this.

The third day of the training was quite simple, we finished early and thus left me with hours to go before my flight. I entered a shop named Gizmo and thought I saw my ex-lecturer from KDU [Peter Knox if you know him] asked him if he worked in KDU before as his face is familiar, he answered no and said that he should patent his face. I apologized and then leave the store after grabbing some stuff.

Then after awhile, realizing… crap he’s Paul Moss, one of the guy in Malaysian idol, no wonder he looks so familiar to me. [For those who know me, they know I don’t watch TV that much so forgive me for remembering his face but don’t remember who he is].

I am not much of meeting with celebrity and being happy or something, but what the hell I told him that he looks like my ex-lecturer Peter Knox, and worse is that actually in truth they don’t even look similar.

After that incident I just loiter around one utama before taking a cab to the airport and waited for my plane back home and as you might had guess I am typing this at home in the comfort of my own room.

p.s. Kris, I did had nasi lemak for lunch on the third day.

  1. julie on Sep 15, 12:30 AM

    LOL Raz, you shouldn’t watched late night tv. Look what you’ve got into :D and geez..thanks for mentioning the armpit part. It made me lose my appetite hehe.

  2. you mistook paul moss for your kdu lecturer. lolllllllllllllllllllll that’s the funniest thing ever.

    he must’ve felt disappointed because instead of asking him if he’s paul moss, you asked if he’s your lecturer! lolol.

    p.s. i need a firefox plugin to remove paragraphs on blogs about people shaving their armpits.

  3. Daphne on Sep 15, 03:46 PM

    LOL Get a patent for his face?!

    OMG YOU SHAVED YOUR ARMPIT??? WHY!? More masculine with them haha

    Glad you made it to One Utama :P

  4. Haha, yeah kris… you can imagine my face when I realize that I mistook Paul moss with my lecturer.

    The shaved armpits part is kinda gross, but heck its personal hygiene. I am telling people that my armpits are clean. :P

  5. shaving armpits??? dude!*#&@(*&#!!

    i tried it once, freaking itchi as hell hahaha

    btw, paul moss? who? i dont watch local tv shows any much either… ;)

  6. Hey why does it say Sep 25? Diff timezone OMG! Lolz.

    Selamat berpuasa!

  7. Yeh, this blog is one day ahead of me.

    Selamat berpuasa kris!

  8. yo… i think its my first comment here.. nice knowing this website…

  9. Haha, its actually your second, First one was on the resizer javascript.

    Well welcome anyway :)

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