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Crazier: Comfort?


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Mar 1, 11:31 PM

I’m worried for her, but at this moment there’s nothing I can do nor say to comfort her.

In fact contacting her at this moment would be a bad idea, she’s probably in her manager room feeling nervous and scared, I can feel her tears dropping… but is it only me? I wonder if she’s really crying.

I should had not think this way, she’s stronger than I am in facing reality… she was my support when I was down, but can I be the same? I don’t think I could support her in the way she supported me and yet I wanted to be her support; to be there for her.

Time flying through, and yet still no contact from her… as each second ticks my heart beat faster, wanting to know if she’s fine, wanting to know if she had gone through this moment of hers.

“Ah just call her” I told myself, and yet I am still unable to call her… I don’t want to disturb her while she’s still in the manager room being hit by bullets from the manager.

“Please be fine love…” I said to myself while typing her an text message (SMS) asking her if it’s safe for me to call her.

She called me directly after that and that she is fine, and I sigh in relief hearing her cheerful voice

God, if you are listening. I want you to know that I love her and Nao if you are reading this… love and hugs, glad that you are fine.

  1. I’m sorry to have made you worry love, but it went fine. Just passed the letter to her, didn’t need to go into the room. Thank you for worrying darling. Hugs I love you too…

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