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Day off

Aug 13, 09:07 PM

It’s quite though today, yet somehow I learn to cope.

Called up my manager early in the morning, asking him if I can take the day off. He checked with me if there’s anything pending and proceed to give me the day off.

First thing first, went for a checkup which is fill with P&C now but it is just a simple health checkup. The x-ray though left a tingling feeling on my chest.

Head to gurney next to release some stress… or in particular someone got me hooked to para-para, then again it might just be an excuse and the real reason would be that I am missing her. Oh and did I mention she para well? Danced to 8 songs and failed once, so it is kinda an improvement I guess.

Missed playing Taiko somehow after para-para,so wanted to go there but then again the gashapon machine there is ebil! so I just wonder around.

Went into the “Switch” shop, and bought a Targus notebook bag.. the salesgirl seems to be ignoring me at first which got me a little irritated since I am their customer and the only customer there at that time, till she found out that I wanted to buy and then she was nice and friendly.

Head back to the office to have lunch with colleague ate black pepper rice chicken which is super spicy.

Fill up the leave form after lunch and submit, doubt that I have time to do so tomorrow, and since I am at the office anyway.

Head straight back home after that, and fall asleep.

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