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Mar 7, 11:46 PM

Sitting in the car, heading back to Penang… it was such a nice trip especially because I get to see her again.

Closing my eyes, I can’t stop thinking of her. Separation hurts, it really hurts… it is as if a part of your heart being ripped right in-front of you. This is probably one of the time where I would blame myself for living so far away from her, blaming myself not being able to be beside her.

She would had felt the same, it just hurts to leave her; and for that moment in time there were tears in my eyes.

Reality hurts, but I know that she is at home right now waiting for me to reach home safely.

p.s. Backlog entry, had some work responsibilities and was unable to type this out from the book I wrote it down.

  1. Hugs tightly

    Love you too, dear heart, and glad you reached home safely.

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