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Crazier: Disturbed


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Jun 18, 04:36 PM

Zomgwtf, I been disturb by a girl who have every male hormone in perangin mall today. This reminds me of a time I been disturb by a guy who is asking me out for a date in gurney… twice.

Seriously, I don’t have anything against them but why can’t they just leave me alone? Is it because I am still single?

Due to this event I am giving a limited time special offer to end my single life, if you are a single normal average girl and is interested to migrate into my heart please don’t be shy and use this chance to .

Please be aware that current browsers markerting hype are only supporting we2.0, while the requirements of “Grab Me!tm” feature requires web3.0b technology. You can nag the marketing department to skip the web2.0 hype and move to web3.0b so that there will be world peace.

p.s. This post is written in i-am-annoyed mode, do ignore.

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