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Do you remember?

Feb 6, 01:02 PM

Had you ever remembered the first time you fall in love? The tingling feelings that surge up the spine, the butterflies that mingles around in the stomach and those day dreaming sessions. Life began to show its hope once again, and all that you can think about is the person in mind.

Well that was until rejection comes along, or at least to me it had. But it was a really nice experience of being in love, or in more detail an unrequited love. Life subsides, pain arise… and yet somehow there was still happiness.

Perspectives, it all depends on how you look at your feelings. Your love is not broken when someone rejected you, your life is not ruined when a person you love does not felt the same towards you. Your love matters; and to hell with whoever that ask you to move on when you are still deeply in loved.

Move at your own pace, and love as much as you wanted to.

When the leaf has fall and time is right, give yourself a pat that you had once truly loved someone and now that you are ready to open the love to others. Remind yourself of the feelings you had when you first fall in love and open your heart to others, take the chances; deal with whatever is coming when it does.

Everyone deserve to be loved and someone out there deserve your love, don’t put out with the scars and the black history on your heart; love as if it was your very first love.

Reach out, and never stop loving; for one day someone will hold your hand and embrace your feelings.

My Valentinr - raz

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