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Life as a programmer

Jul 12, 07:57 PM

There is a limit on what a men can do, and today I reached my limit on making the impossible possible.

A programmer sadly saying are stuck with the platform they are coding on and on certain occasions they are stuck with problems that can’t be solve due to the incapabilities of the system itself.

I was brushed twice today due to what I am not able to do or in particular what the system is not able to do.

One of the customer with the help of two colleague are able to accept the situation and imposed that it should be done due to security reason. I was so happy that I don’t have to strain my head into the chopping board and get it chopped by the AM(Account Manager) or the Customer if I were forced to commit on the solution.

But the other customer, sadly render the solution I code useless due to the very large amount of processing and memory needed to calculate.

Imagine a chunk of 899mb of testing data taken out from 4gb of production data for the code to go through all of the data * 10 (fields of each record) and rebuild the information back into a report format.

Flickering between the screen and the test result from the user, I could barely maintain the (Oh Shit, I am doomed) expression that run through my veins like some infected blood.

Then I excuse myself to go to the washroom and closed my eyes, asking myself the question that I had been asking myself since she (Mentor and the person I look up upon) left.

“What would she do?”

Without a word after that I wash my hand, wiped it dry and walk out to the customer.

Calmly I told the customer that I will get back to her on this tomorrow and inform her that the handover date will be pushed back from tomorrow to some other day due to the issue [ the AM(Account Manager) is so gonna kill me ] and left her place while thinking of another solution that can be used.

Fight your battle a day at one time (8.30am – 5pm) and leave the rest to fight on tomorrow… somehow.

  1. Sayang, I am so proud of you. Hugs

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