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Crazier: Life lesson


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Life lesson

Feb 22, 01:09 PM

Think you are having the shittiest time? ask the person beside you, they are having the shittiest time too.

Think your heart hurts more then others and that nobody would understand?, ask anyone who is heartbroken… they would all say the same thing.

I got lashed for telling someone something that I am trying to do myself for the good of the world and myself, it don’t feel that nice taking the fact that it’s not like I am asking that someone to do what i am trying to do.

If I am not mistaken I clearly mention that it’s something I am trying to do and that that person might found it as an alternative route/thought. Sadly I think the other person misunderstand me and thought I was lashing at them.

Funny on how you think you can share about others on what you are trying to do for yourself become an oil that the person throw back to you and burn you up.

Lesson learn I guess, don’t tell others on what you are trying to do or think, or your thoughts about it.

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