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Malaysian Motorcyclist

Oct 26, 06:17 PM

To shred some light for the unexperienced, this country or at least the state that I scourge in have spanned out of the normal motorcyclist ride from point A to point B into it’s very own classification. Here are some of the basic one’s from a direct experience of yours truly.

Dozey Suave
These riders ride so smooth and so slow that it strums in classical music on each cylindric engine cycle. Not to mention that the biker is actually sleeping with his/her bike moving at 20-30km/h. Personal advice: To be avoided, may cause a huge chain based accident in high jammed traffic volume.

Sway it left and right
A romantic dancers on the road, these bikers slow dance moves at 20-40km/h while swaying sideways blocking every single attempt to overtake them. Heck they could ha… they would beat Alizee smooth buttocks dance for a full win.

I wanna kiss your ass
Well this classification title explains by itself, basically the rider would ride so close to you that you could had been pushed off the road or over to the freaking-car-speeding-in-front-of-you-suicidal lane if he/she moved 1cm closer to you.

It’s my grandpa road
This bikers bike at the middle of the road claiming the entire road is owned by his grandfather while clearly ignoring the Malaysian road rule of left for normal speed, right for overtaking. He/She bikes on the middle which forces everybody to follow his pace and blocks other drivers/bikers from overtaking.

Mat Rempit
This is a local term for a biker who skills are rival to professional stunt bikers with the fact that they are way better due to their disregard of theirs and others safety. They could defy physics with a blink of an eye… with note that most of them either failed or skipped physics exam in high school. Oh yeah they are also famous for injuring [stupid] girls that they carry behind them.

  1. Daphne on Nov 19, 09:15 PM

    This is a very chronological description of the Malaysian bikers … good one Raz!

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