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Crazier: Mobile Tweaks


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Mobile Tweaks

Jun 17, 06:37 AM

Tweaking this site for mobile browsers.

The problem

I had downloaded the opera mini browser for my k700i phone but due to being a jobless fool who cant afford to waste credit[currently using prepaid], I decided to head over to opera mini simulator to see how well my site render on mobile phones.

The result, an ugly looking disoriented site which is completely out of the scope of usability, The comment form does not even work, and I have all those text such as “search” repeating.

To make this easier, here are the stuff that does not work/broken:

  1. Accessibility links “go to content and etc” are lined together, which makes it quite unreadable.
    Accessibility links
  2. Accessibility links “go to navigation & go to search” does not work, my mistake it does not even work on normal web browser.
  3. Search does not work, seems to just refresh the main page and the text search repeats itself.
    Search box
  4. Comment form does not work, it seems to just refresh the current page.
    Comment form
  5. Lack of spacing between journal entry.
  6. Execute box in commenting area even on a device without Javascript.
    Extra execute text

So all the problem had been define, it’s time to fix it.

Fixing it!

Problem #1 and #2 is easy to fix, I just had to arrange the usability links by using list and fix the link which is pointing to the wrong id.
Fixed accessibility links

Problem #3 and #4 however seems to be non-fixable, I even tried the search feature in Textpattern weblog and they seems to be having the same problem as I do. If you have an idea on how to fix this, post a comment below or contact me through my contact form.

Problem #5 is fixed by adding hr tag to the bottom of each entry as a separator.
Article spacing

Decided to leave the problem #6 alone due to complexity of having a Textpattern tag on an external Javascript file and because read and write would never be complete without execute[geek pride, please ignore].

p.s. My personal site seems to look fine except for the contact page in which it seems that none of the form works in any site.

Sorry I am no longer accepting comments for this article.

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