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May 25, 01:29 PM

Apprently I forgot to bring my towel today, and it’s just sad that it’s the towel day and I forgot to brig my towel.


Sorry doug, it’s honestly had been a rough week for me (honest). I had been hit with intense headache for two days, handled spaghetti code for the time I am in the office, Travelled up and down and around penang while being scorched by the sun, Handling customer while choughing and losing voice, Pwned by my love in-game and real-life and last but not least think I have repetitive strain injury on my left wrist/hand (now where is that wrist support I wore last time for the RSI on both of my wrist?).

So yeah doug sorry that I forgot to bring my towel this year, I try to remember next year and wave my thumb up to the sky!

p.s. rawrarararar it’s finally friday… been wishing that it is friday every single day since monday.
p.p.s. Both of my wrist hurts now.

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