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Crazier: Penang O-bon 2007


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Penang O-bon 2007

Jul 22, 01:57 AM

There was no freaking kaki koori/kakigoori (flavored chipped ice) at Penang O-bon (Bon Odori).

To make up the point, I went to Penang O-bon this year just to find the Kaki koori as I got hooked after eating three bowl of it in Shah Alam O-bon 2007.

On top of that it rains at Penang O-bon this year, I hid under the table when it started to rain to finish up my ice cream. :D

Metup with Lasto-sama and Tezumi at O-bon, it’s been awhile since I saw them alongside with mamoru, mika and few others. Oh and went to Taiko at Queensbay mall after O-bon turns out to be quite a fun day despite the lack of kaki koori.

Rylands suggested and I am seriously thinking about it, next year I will try to open my own kaki koori stall at Penang O-bon.

  1. what? you went to bon-odori!!??? argghh.. you shud have told me… i want to join… :((

    anyway, it think its kinda adventurous to eat the kaki koori under the table…. i wish i was there… eating it under the table too!

  2. Eh, I ate ice cream not kakigoori, they don’t have kakigoori in penang :(

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