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Crazier: Resizer Javascript


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Resizer Javascript

Jun 12, 07:51 AM


Resizer javascript resize any element width property in a sleek movement. It can be used on sites that requires variable width to increase readability of pages with bloated text and yet maintain the normal outlook for other pages.

You can see the script in action or download the script.


This is my first real object oriented based javascript and was written for the sake of learning on writing object oriented in javascript, do correct me on my error or provide me with suggestion on how to improve the script.

  1. wow man! this is awesome! im so gonna use this script …

  2. i think its pretty much the same sas moo.fx

  3. Hey man, moo.fx is more than just this. I have to say, the one I code is just like the basic n00b width resizer with small animation effect.

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