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Aug 24, 11:44 PM

This is especially hard on me.

He was the one who introduce me to #comicfiesta which leads me into finding good friend and a person who I eventually fall in love with and for the first time loves me back.

Without him, I would had been be a different person now… probably mourning on a girl who is not even worth of my time, without him I would had not known the high level of trust from a community that I barely knew, without him I would had remain my past pathetic self.

Without him… I’ll be alone now

I have met friends, found my love, began to smile again all because of his single act of inviting me to the irc channel and I will remember him always as a person who changed me.

Febuary 11, 2007. I still remember that day where he was sitting just outside of his burned house wiping the family photo album, it was the first time I had seen someone who could smile and looked forward into the future while saying “what to do, already burn mah…”

He who had lost so much from the burn… and yet he smile and look forward, that day I started to remember him as the strongest person I have met, In which I had countless time remember that smile and move forward in my life.

That smile was one of the thing that kept me going when I herd the news that I have to break up with Nao, that smile was on my mind when me and Nao breaking up while she left Penang, that smile was with me… when I found out that he had passed away.

Thank you Rylands` for that smile, it has changed me forever.

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