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Textpattern RPC

Jun 15, 12:15 PM

Finally the long awaited textpattern rpc is out! actually it has been out 11 days ago, I am just lazy to implement it till today.

RPC stands for remote procedure call, it is a protocol that allows a program to call function from another program without the need of programmer explicitly coding the interaction. In short RPC gives the ability of two diffrent software to talk to eachother easily.

So yeah its a protocol, no big deal right? well yeah maybe, but its a big deal for me as with this RPC I can finally use flock awesome blogging capabilities!

It’s gold, it’s awesome, it’s the durian of blogging and it took me less than 3 minute to install textpattern rpc and setup flock to work with it.

p.s. I am publishing this post with flock!
p.p.s. Had to edit this post in textpattern:

  1. There was no excerpt generated.
  2. Section input was missing.
  3. br tag was everywhere.

Sigh, guess the durian was too stinky for me.

  1. LOL durian of blogging, huh!

    I don’t know why everyone likes Flock. I hate it. I hate it hate it hate it. I have a poster of Flock at home and I throw darts on it every night.

  2. Check the p.p.s note, damn. I hate it now too… but some of the feature is cool really.

    Well the durian of blogging, not for everyone but gold to some.

    Certainly not gold for me, it stinks.

  3. hey man, try this FF extension

    screw flock & durians lol ;p

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