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Crazier: Why I don't vote


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Why I don't vote

Mar 7, 09:50 PM

Tomorrow is a voting day for Malaysia, or so I herd. I had a lot of people asking me if I am voting.

My reply is no and I will not.

So they bashed me about the importance of voting, the future of Malaysia, every vote counts, vote to improve our living, vote for our country, vote to change, do it for your children!

Sigh, I don’t mind if you want to vote but don’t bash me for not voting because I have a very strong reason not to do so.

My reason is simple, I don’t want to waste whatever short time I had left in this world to select a person to rule area/state/country or in simpler words I don’t want to go through some voting/election as one of my last moments before my death.

For example, if I were to take part in election… on the way to the election a car accidentally hit me and… I died. So I be in heaven / hell(most likely), a guy asked me… “so what was your last moment before you die?”

I replied…

I was going to select someone to rule my area/state/country….

and you?

Well I was at the beach during sunset, chilling out, enjoying life… looking at girls… sexy girls… where I accidentally slipped and hit my head on the rock and here I am.

Another (person who is in hell too) butts in… Oh hey, my last moments was interesting too!

I was rushing back from work, looking forward to mom delicious chicken curry… where I got into an accident and die.

Wow, you guys really had some last moments… ah man I know I should had skip the voting and go for that trip to the waterfall… it be a better last moment.

In summary
Vote for the future <- I do not want waste my time for a future that I am not even sure if I would be in.

Vote for Change <- Does it ever change anything in the past? what made you think it would change now? If you want a change so badly do it yourself. We got hand and legs, use it to change rather then voting first then bitching/complaining for a change to be done.

And to strengthen my reason.

I do not want anything to do with voting/election to be my last moment of my short life.

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